John 4:24 says that God is "seeking", or looking, for true, authentic worshipers and for this reason we desire to be a church filled with worship, both in our everyday acts and in our musical ministries. We want people to live a lifestyle of worship unto God on a daily basis, and we want to put Jesus at the center of our gatherings. All facets of our worship ministry are aimed at creating an atmosphere for people to encounter God. We encourage everyone to participate in worship. Raise your hands, or don't, sit, stand, we don't care if you sing off key, just come worship with us!

Main worship Band

Our contemporary worship band is filled with passionate artists using their gifts to glorify God. Over a dozen accomplished musicians from the church body rotate to serve in leadership each week, including talent from the youth band. On any given Sunday morning you'll find upbeat, modern, heart-provoking music as well as a sprinkling of the classics.

Youth Band

Training up in righteousness includes training up in worship! The Wellspring Youth Band leads the youth worship for the Net on a regular basis and leads worship for the entire congregation occasionally as well. Equipped with instruction from the main worship band, these young people are artists creating beautiful works for their Creator. 

Tech Team

Behind the scenes there is a lot of quiet work that goes into making space for worship. Our lighting, video, and sound teams are talented and dedicated individuals who don't usually receive recognition. Next time you are appreciating the talent of the worship team, don't forget to thank the ones you don't hear!